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Vela Audio

Integrated amplifier (Integrated amplifier); Cd Player (cd player); Integrated amplifier with Airtech Evo upgrade (Integrated amplifier) ; Cd Player with Airtech Evo upgrade (cd player);

Sanders Sound Systems (Flavio)  

ESL (power amplifier);  Magtech (power amplifier)


SE50 Reference (Integrated amplifier)

Eam Lab  

PA-2600 (Power amplifier); TO 3.8 (Power amplifier)

Goldenote and Blacknote

for general help


300B PSE (Integrated amplifier); Dueventi SE (Integrated amplifier); 300B Monoblock (power amplifier) PHL5-V2 (preamplifier)

Asr Audio

various Emitter integrated amplifiers hd photos and general help

Rockna Audio

Rockna Wavequest Reference Transport (cd transport)

Audio Nemesis 

DC-1-UE-upgrade-edition (dac); DC-1-VLE-very-limited-edition (dac); PA-1M (power amplifier)


Linear (preamp); Avista (integrated amplifier)


Various HD photos of their products