Why is it useful?

Why is it useful?

The reason of the birth of hifishock.org :

The sound quality comes from the internal circuits. You have to trust real build quality, not opinions, blazons, price or marketing.


Have you ever been disappointed by very recommended products bought trusting pro and users reviews? Maybe that was not the right gear for you, ... or it was simply an ordinary product reviewed as excellent. Remember this advice: the real review is not the one that you read, but the average opinion you got after reading many.


An higher price doesn’t always guarantee you a better quality, because the price is not a "prize" given for merits, it is just a marketing decision taken when the Brand was created, and it is also related to how many pieces you can produce. The quality doesn't proportionally grew/decreases with price, so avoid prejudices.


In stereo and Audio Video forums, you can become really confused due to groundless opinions/marketing that are considered acceptable more than the laws of physics, but there is one certainty: you can't have a good and reliable product from a poorly designed circuit board made with cheap parts. This is why HifiShock is the right tool for you.

The truth

An excellent product is obtained via a great circuital project combined with great electrical parts, of the lowest distortion type and highest reliability. Decrease one of this two parameters, and the final quality will be below its potential.

You don't have to choose your next equipment according to how much the photo is “impressive”, but HifiShock is useful to:

  1. you can avoid buying modified second hand products;
  2. you can discover the secrets of the hi-end circuits;
  3. you can avoid buying rebranded products;
  4. you can improve your diy abilities;
  5. you can discover a very quality brand.


My advice on home audio and audio video is to check the build quality of amplifier , cable , speakers , subwoofer , pc and studio , hifi , usb dac